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Glogg Wine Gift Crate

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Introduce or reacquaint friends and family with one of the most popular beverages of the holiday season, Glogg! Our Glogg Wine Gift Crate is perfect for loved ones to enjoy during holiday celebrations, apres skiing, or anytime during winter. Glogg is a traditional Scandinavian mulled wine, and this version is made with a premium blend of vintage red wine, spiced with cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves, then aged to create a smooth, well-balanced Glogg. It's best when served heated with sliced almonds and raisins and a slice of orange. Picture the look of anticipation and joy on your recipient's face as they unpack the beautiful white wooden crate and discover, in addition to the Glogg, our Ski Season Sangria mixer, uniquely delicious cinnamon glazed almonds, decadent dark chocolate sea salt cashews, creamy cheese, savory sausage, and crisp artisan crackers. Spread the joy and warmth of the holiday season with our Glogg Wine Gift Crate!

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