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Prepared Meal Delivery
Send the full spa treatment.
Elegant Spa Luxury Gift Set

Relax the natural spa way.


Relaxation and rejuvenation abound with this impressive collection of spa-themed products.

Perfect for wintertime ailments or for anyone who could use a good old-fashioned spa day from the comfort of home.

This gift includes the following:Aluminum water bottle holds an ample 24 oz. , Ceramic Bistro Mug, Green Mango Peach Tea: .53 oz, Black Tea .07 oz, Honey Straw Sticks .25 oz ea, Three straws included. Pillar Candle- 6" tall, Aromatherapaes Cold Relief Bath Soak 3 oz, Enough for three baths. Bath Pouf, Apricot Soap 3.5 oz,  Aromatherapaes Sore Muscle Therapy 1.75 oz,  Enough for two baths. Aromatherapaes Uplifting Energy Therapy 1.75 oz, Enough for two baths. Breath Easy Eye Pillow: Enjoy warm or cold therapy with this versatile soothing eye pillow. Filled with plant herbs including peppermint and eucalyptus, easily becomes a soothing heat treatment when microwaved or a cold treatment when placed in the freezer.