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Lavender Spa Booties Gift Set

Relaxation Booties with Lavender-Booties with Spa Kit

Starting at $49.99

Lavender Spa Booties gift.


Treat someone special to an authentic spa experience with the instant, enjoyable warmth of spa booties and lavender aromatherapy.

A pair of fleece spa booties is perfect for soothing the aches and pains of daily life. Lavender-filled inserts can be warmed in the microwave to provide up to 45 minutes of toasty warmth and fragrant lavender scent within the booties.

Combine the booties with the optional spa set, consisting of Lavender Shower Gel, Hand Cream, and Bath Bar, for a full spa experience. Booties measure 15" x 6" and weigh 3 lbs. Box measures 10" x 10" x 5".

Option A - Booties Only
Option B - Booties with Complete Spa Kit

Perfect for an instant pick-me-up. Gift measures 15" x 6" and weighs 3lbs.