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Customer Feedback

I just wanted to say that I used your service for the second time this week, and sent the Tilapia Fish Dinner to my parents. They just loved it! I sent them a dinner in May and they raved about that one also. But I can assure you they will be raving about the fish for a very long time. Thank you for offering such wonderful and tasty meals. I'll be back soon to order more gifts. This time I will be ordering for myself at the same time! Sincerely,
Lori L.
Kittanning, PA
Just wanted you to know that the recipient of the lobster found them to be "the most delicious ever".  And they loved the crab cakes and clam all the gadgets.

Wonderful Company to do business with

Prof. John C.
Bronxville, NY 
What the media says about our monthly clubs...

"The country's very best brews."
Readers Digest, June 2005

"Best Overall, Best Value with generous shipments."
The Wall Street Journal, Nov. 2001

"These monthly reminder shipments can be an effective way to reinforce the relationship with a client."
Incentive Magazine, Dec. 1996

"...discovered the key to a person's heart by offering the gifts that keep on giving."
The Associated Press, Dec. 2000

"These are the best-tasting frozen pizzas we have ever eaten and better than most parlor pizzas."
Men's Health Magazine, Oct. 1996

"Groucho Marx may have said that he would never belong to any club that would have him as a member, but if he knew about this, we bet he'd join up."
Bon Appetit Magazine, Nov. 1997

My friend received her gift basket the same day, just like you promised! She said the quality of the fruit was excellent! Thanks!
Renee H.
Costa Mesa, CA
I would like to compliment Gourmet Grocery [Online] for its easy-to-use and attractive website and for its promptness in filling orders. I also like very much how easy you make it to track orders. I order a lot of things online, and quite often tracking info is not very good.
I'm sure I will be ordering again in the near future.
Martha M.
Twentynine Palms, CA
I just wanted to thank you for shipping my order out last night. I didn't notice the cut off time for ensuring overnight delivery until after I had already placed the order. When I looked at my confirmation and saw that I placed my order at 8:18 AM I was very worried that due to my error my parents wouldn't receive their gift until Monday.
I would also like to thank you very much for following up with my email and phone call so promptly yesterday. I have never used your services before, but if your customer service is any indication of the quality of your product, then I would imagine it too is out of this world.
Many thanks,
Leigh M.
Chester, VA
I'm used to disappointments ordering online on short notice but was amazed how efficient and professional your service was. I ordered a wine basket that was delivered same day! Recipient was in tears with joy when it arrived and surprised her. Thanks again and a pat on the back to your customer sevice team.
James S.
Wasilla, Alaska
The carrot cake I ordered for my friend's birthday was delivered on time and was fresh, moist,  and delicious!   Thank you so much!
Lynda B
Summersville, WV
Amazing - "a 120% HIT" according to my sister and Italian brother-in-law! Fresh, well presented, and well packaged even to Florida. They raved over each course in the Tuscan dinner for what amounted to an hour on the telephone. l can't thank you enough and I'll definitely be back.
Best regards,
Kathy D.
Northampton, Ma
I used your service for the first time this holiday season.  Ordered a turkey and a ham for delivery to New Orleans area (Covington).   Both arrived on time as I specified - and were terrific.   My husband said the turkey was the best turkey he had ever had - hands down!   I agree.  Your service and product quality are terrific.  Thank you for helping make our New Orleans Christmas dinner successful.
Toni T.
New York, NY
Thank you for your quick respond, and apprieciate your effort to ensure customer service. With the number  of Gift Basket selections on line, I will continue to utilize gourmet grocery and recommend it to friends. I quickly browsed the mustards, and I think they would enjoy the Wasabi Mustard. Thank you again in advance, and will use the coupon code for futher shopping. Do you have there address from my recent order. Please let me know?
Marisa A F.
This past week I sent my parents the Provencial [Parisian] 4 course for my father's birthday & their anniversary. Due to a medical issue, my father can no longer go out for lengthy meals at noisy restaurants or any other overstimulating activity. This is quite sad for me because my family has always enjoyed dining out fine restaurants, especially for special occasions. After much research I thought this gift would be a nice way for them to enjoy a fine meal and I chose your site because of its' variety and excellent, comprehensive meal choices. I also felt that the cost was fair, especially on a limited budget. Of course I was a little skeptical that perhaps I was sending them some cardboard fish and a rubber chicken wrapped in a plastic bag, but I like to take chances! When the package arrived I called my parents right away (I almost had my UPS tracking number memorized by that time!!) and they were SO THRILLED!!! Having just eaten a large, late day lunch they decided to save it until the following day to "truly enjoy the whole meal." My parents are both European and have high standards when it comes to the quality of food and presentation. My mom is also a fabulous cook. Well, not only did they LOVE the very thought of such a gift, but the prentation really impressed them, and me. I had no idea they would receive a real, embroidered table cloth and napkins. The faux leather "box" was another great touch, as was the menu card. The next day I called them right away after work to ask how the meal was and again they were just floored and so happy! My dad said the entire concept was super and the peope who prepared the food were "these people are real cooks." He also said "we are enjoying this gift 3 times, once when it arrived, today when we ate and tomorrow when we finish the cheese cake." Thank you so much for your high standards for quality inside and out. Can't wait to have a reason to order again.
Franzisca T.
Columbia Heights, MN
Thank you soooooo much for all of your time and effort to get this to me.  I very much appreciate it.  You will be hearing from me soon.  By the way, outstanding customer service!
Best regards,
Renee A.  :o)
I just had to email you and let you know how much I appreciate the apo, gifts to soldiers part of the website. THANKS! Soldiers like myself need all the encouragement we can get and I couldn't help but notice the time and attention you put into those gifts. Birthdays and holidays just aren't the same here in Iraq and you've made it possible to make soldiers feel special on those days again. It is companies like yours that make our deployments endurable.
Meg Y.
My friend got the basket and he & his grieving famliy smiled for a brief moment.....I couldn't have made that happen without your service. Thank you for the follow-up yesterday. 

J. McCarthy of my staff will be in contact over the next few days to see what you could customize for a special customer of ours.

Thanks again.
Susan M.
Northbrook, IL
I just want to thank you for the wonderful customer service you've displayed in the last few days.  I appreciate the follow-up, communication and professional service I received.
I will think of Gormet Grocery Online in the future.  You guys have been a pleasure to work with.
Tee R.
San Antonio, TX
Thank you for making my sons christmas alot better. First time without him here for christmas. Thank you. I plan to shop here again. I found everything I need quite easily. The products were wonderful. I would tell all of my friends about Gourmet Grocery Online. 
Danielle K.
San Jose, CA
Thanks, you guys have been great to deal with and I will use you again
Norm L.
Atlanta, GA
Thank you. Appreciate it. This is my first order with GGO and I'm very happy with the service.
Venkatesh R.
B. R.
Just wanted to let you all know that the soup I ordered for my brother was a HUGE success! He can only eat out of a straw for a few weeks because of a mouth injury, and he just LOVED all the soups.
Thanks for doing good work!
Cindy B.
The two bottles of chutney arrived.In excellent condition and taste.
Thank you.
Bob S.
Dear customer service person
Mrs. G. received her pkg. and is very happy with the results. Thank you
Lake Havasu City, AZ 
Dear customer person
Mr. W. received your pkg. I sent and is VERY happy.....Thanks
Lake Havasu City, AZ
I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that your site is beautiful! I got my gift basket delivered on time, your customer service representative was friendly and knowledgeable when I had a question, and my gift basket was gorgeous! I will definitely shop here again and tell my friends and family about this website! Thanks again!

Monique B.
Austin, TX
Your prompt response has pleased and impressed me.  If the product is as good as your Customer Service, then I will be a repeat customer, for sure.
Many thanks,
Wonderful!!! Thank you very much!
Chesapeake, VA
Thank you for your assistance.  It's that kind of customer service that will keep me coming back.
Karen K.
Gainesville, FL
Thank you very much for your quick response to my question! It was a pleasure shopping with Gourmet Grocery Online, and I will use Gourmet Grocery Online for future corporate gifts!
Gloria H.
New York, NY
Thank you so much for getting this last minute order out on time!!! You are the BEST!
Jennifer Y.
Marina Del Ray, CA
Very organised from the online shop to customer service phone line...NO RECORDING!!!!!!!!a friendly human being..CHEERS from Australia.
Sheila V.
Wollongong, Australia
Thank you for the beautiful and delicious basket of goodies that you delivered on time. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Frances G.
St. Clair Shores, MI
Thank you. My brother loved his gift :) It arrived right on his birthday:)
Maryland, T.