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Premium Fruit & Gourmet Chest

Rich chocolates combined with fresh fruit.


With its blend of healthy fruits and gourmet flavors, this premium gift is always a delight to receive.

This gift Includes: -Imperial Bosc Pears: For many fruit lovers, D'Anjou are the pinnacle of pears. These premium pears feature a creamy white flesh full of aroma and sweetness, and are often celebrated as the best pear variety. Three included.  -California Navel Oranges: In perfect season right now, our California Navel Oranges are the ripest, sweetest oranges you've ever had the pleasure of tasting. Often considered superior to Florida Oranges, California Navels have a meaty flesh with no seeds and feature a thick skin for easy peeling. Three included. 
-NW Fuji Apples: Our Fuji Apples are the large, crisp variety with a intense sweetness that makes them ideal for eating raw. Freshly picked from NW orchards. The best of the crop. Three included.  -Moravian Ginger Spice Cookies 1 oz: Legendary spice cookies made in the homemade tradition with exotic spices from the far reaching corners of the world. -Aaron Bell Pistachios 4 oz: Who can resist lightly salted pistachios? These nuts are in peak ripeness with green nuts just barely poking out of their hard shell.  -Candy Berries 2 oz: Red and black candies that look like real raspberries and taste even sweeter. A crunchy candy coating gives way to a velvety surprise within. -Fruit Pastilles 5 oz: Chewy, sugar-coated candy in delicious assorted fruit flavors. A sweet classic that is perfect for sharing.  -Tropical Island Mix 2 oz: A variety of sweet, delicious dried fruits such as pineapple, papaya, mango, kiwi, banana, and coconut.  -Perugina Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts 3.5 oz: An Italian tradition of passion and style, master confectioner Perugina blends the finest roasted cocoa beans with decadent caramelized hazelnuts to create a one-of-a-kind experience.  -Godiva Chocolate Covered Cashews 2 oz: Exquisitely delectable, roasted buttery whole cashews are covered in velvety, smooth Godiva milk chocolate. Easily shareable and irresistibly munchable. -Chocolate Cherries 4.5 oz: Dried Bing cherries in premium milk chocolate and a silky layer of cherry candy coating From Marich Confectionery Co.  If any substitutions are necessary, they will be made with items of equal or greater value. 

If any substitutions are necessary, they will be made with items of equal or greater value.

Measures 12" x 9" x 8" and weighs approximately 8 lbs.

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