Bonsai of the Month - 3 Months
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Free Monthly Delivery.
3 month bonsai plan.

Bonsai of the Month - 6 Months
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Free Monthly Delivery.
6 month bonsai plan.

Bonsai of the Month - 12 Months
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Free Monthly Delivery.
12 month bonsai plan.


Bonsai of the Month

Bonsai of the Month Club

Bonsai of the Month Club. This monthly bonsai program makes an impressive business or personal gift. We have selected only the best growers who take great pride in demanding only the finest bonsais for you. Your recipient will receive their first bonsai on the delivery date you select. Future bonsais will be shipped via FedEx® next day service in the third week of the following months.

Some examples of bonsai your gift recipient will receive are Japanese Bonsais, Fringe Flower, Bonsai Dish Garden, Gardenia, Podocarpus Bonsai Delivered, Fukien Tea, Jaboticaba Bonsai, Green Mound Juniper, Plum Bonsai, Goldengate Ficus Bonsai, Rosemary Bonsai, Chinese Elm, Cypress Bonsai, and Dwarf Jade Bonsai.

What will I receive each month?
Each month you receive a beautiful bonsai direct from the finest bonsai growers in the world. You will receive your shipment by the 3rd week of each month.

What are some examples of the bonsais I may receive?
January - Ponytail Palm
February - Fringe Flower
March - Rosemary
April - Gardenia
May - Satsuki Azalea
June - Grape Vine
July - Golden Gate Ficus
August - Dwarf Jade
September - Money Tree
October - Black Olive
November - Dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella
December - Camellia "Hot Flash"

How are the bonsais packaged?
In a attractive box with the bonsai fully secured for during transit. 

How is the bonsai shipped?
We deliver the bonsais via Federal Express overnight delivery. We prefer a delivery address where someone is home or a business delivery address.

Can I choose the bonsais I receive?
No, all the bonsais are pre-selected for you.

How should care for the bonsai?
Each shipment has different instructions on how to care for each bonsai.

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