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Monday, 18 May 2009

Give the gift of delicious exotic fruits with TheFruitCompany.com's Exotica Harvest Club.

Did you know that one of the very best ways to prepare fruit is to grill it? Using the same charcoal or gas grill that typically only chars meat and vegetables can open a whole new window into summertime eating.

Grilling fruit is fast and easy. Due to the high sugar content, fruits grill quickly, carmelizing the sugars and creating a taste sensation. Grilled fruit is terrific as a dessert served over ice cream, custards, puddings and cakes. It can be combined with cream cheese to create an outstanding grilled fruit pizza. And grilled fruit can be served on a green salad, with a cheese plate or added to a fruit salsa or chutney. The possibilities are endless. Try it, you'll be hooked.

A few tips before you get started:
  • Don't leave your fruit unattended and keep the heat lower than you do for meat and vegetables.
  • Fruit can burn within just a few minutes and charred fruit isn't delicious.
  • Start with a clean grill. Use a wire brush to remove any leftover bits of barbeque sauce.
  • For a clean release, brush your fruit with vegetable oil or butter before you grill it.
    *Use ripe, firm fruit. Mushy fruit will fall apart on the grill.
  • Consider using a grilling basket to cook and transport your fruit so you don't lose any pieces through the grill or on the patio.

    Great grilled fruits and how to cook them:

    Apples - Core and slice. Brush with lemon juice and melted butter. Grill over direct heat turning occasionally until browned, 3-5 minutes. Melt cheddar cheese over the apple slices and serve as a side dish or sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon and serve over ice cream.

    Bananas - Peel and cut in half lengthwise. Brush with melted butter and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Cook over direct heat until brown and the sugar is crispy, 3-5 minutes. Serve with vanilla pudding or ice cream.

    Melons - Peel and cut into wedges. Brush with oil and cook over direct heat, turning occasionally until browned, 3-5 minutes. Serve with spiced nuts on a cheese plate.

    Peaches - Cut in half, removing the pit. Brush with oil and cook, cut side down, 2 to 3 minutes. Flip and cook the other side for a minute or two. Crumble blue cheese on top and serve as a side dish or melt a little brown sugar inside and serve with pound cake and a dollop of whipped cream. For an extra special treat, grill the poundcake for 3 minutes on each side before assembling.

    So why not try grilling some fruit tonight? It's a delicious and different way to serve more fruit and your family will love it!

  • Want to eat healthy with your family and lose weight? It is much easier than you think. Check out The Deceptive Diet and learn how to eat better and lose those extra pounds.

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