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    Wednesday, 01 December 2010

    With Christmas just being around the corner you have to start planning early as to what gifts you are going to give your friends and family. Instead of having to sit down and make lists of the gifts you are going to buy or perusing the malls all hours of the day and night why not give everyone Christmas gourmet gift baskets. This is a gift that everyone will enjoy and this kind of gift is something that people would not normally treat themselves to.

    There is two ways of making a Christmas gift basket up, either you can do this yourself or you can order a gift gourmet basket directly online. Online there is an array of different gift baskets to choose from and all you need do is fill out an application and make your choice of basket as well as supple the person name, address and phone number for deliver, make your payment and the online shop will do the rest. If you choose to do this yourself then here are some tips on how to put together a gift basket which your family and friends will truly enjoy.

    • Firstly you need to determine what type of Christmas gourmet gift baskets you would like to put together. This about what the people you are making then up for really enjoys. You could make baskets up that contain a variety of chocolates and nuts. You could also do a cheese and wine basket or a basket that has Christmas cake and pudding as well as brandy sauce etc.

    • Compile a list of items for each of your family members and friends and add items such as games, glasses, cups etc to each basket. This will depend entirely on what foods you have chosen to add to the baskets. For instance if you choose a cheese and wine basket, then you could add an assortment of crackers and nuts as well as wine glasses. If you choose a chocolate gourmet basket then add light and dark chocolate treats as well as biscuits and maybe a game.

    Visit wholesale stores such as Marshall's or TJ Maxx where you can buy really good cheap baskets. There are many different designs and sizes to choose from and are reasonably priced. Then start buying the foods you have itemized on your list such as chocolates, nuts, raisins, dried fruit, crackers etc. Buy your wine from a wholesaler as well, and you can even add a bottle of Amarula or any other aperitifs which will cost you under $15. If you have a long list that gifts need to be bought for, then buy a case of wine which will work out far cheaper. You could also buy an array of various different types of cheeses which come from around the world and add savory crackers, crisps, nuts and dried fruit with a bottle or two of wine.

    Christmas gourmet gift baskets can also be personalized by adding something that the person is interested in such as an interest or hobby. Gift vouchers can also be added to basket. Basket gifts for men can have tools as well as various other mens products added in. The lists for gift baskets are endless. 
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